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Bettawork69 LLC is an entertainment training/service agency based in Atlanta, Georgia. Brandon Ellis , CEO/Founder is a performing artist and a New York City native. His mission is to provide services that will assist you into becoming the best performing artist you can be and help you brand yourself for the highly competitive entertainment industry. While there’s never any guarantees for outcomes in the entertainment industry from his training, his goal is always to pour into each of his students with pure honesty, excellence, discipline, greatness and professionalism.

Limited slots available so sign up now or be put on the waiting list for the next available openings to train under Ellis. For more information about Ellis go to his Bio page. See all the various services provided.

Bettawork69 LLC 

Performing Arts Services

Business Hours:
Monday – Sunday, 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.
(Hours subject to change according to client needs)


1 on 1 sessions to determine your needs.


Recommendation to outside professionals and opportunities i.e.: vocal training, music lessons, photographer/videographers, makeup artists, etc.

Acting Classes

1 on 1 privates, virtual and/or person; as well as gym style when possible. 

Motivational Speaking

For Schools/Universities, centers, Zooms, and Churches (based of Spiritual topics). As well as presenting entertainment do’s and don’ts, maintaining longevity, and a beginners guide for entering the entertainment industry.

Audition Workshops

Prepping for self tapes, submissions, etc. Onsite assistance available.

Photo Stylist Assistance

Preparations for headshots, portfolios, posing, etc. including hair/makeup and photographer referrals. Onsite assistance available. 

Dance Classes

1-on-1 instructional, in person preferred, virtual available. Onsite assistance provided.

Including Heels classes privately and for groups.


Provided for productions, events, special projects, etc. Also, to teach methods and/or techniques to enable client to learn how to choreograph in order to market as a skillset.

Potential Castings

As the agency receives casting opportunities, suitable roles will be sent to the client.

Performance Showcases

Agency will produced presentations that allow for clients to perform to studio audience including invited industry professionals.

Runway Model Walk

1-on-1 instructional sessions for models. Also, fashion show creative direction provided for brands and show coordinators.


Able to narrate scripts and do voiceovers for radio, television, filmmaking, theater and other presentations.

Services are available through any of the following subscription packages.

You may use your hours for one service, or divide your time across multiple services. For more information, rates, and packages, please email all inquires to B. Ellis.

Other forms of payment:

Cash App, Zelle, PayPal, ApplePay or Venmo.

Subscription 1
  • 4 hours

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Subscription 2
  • 8 hours

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Subscription 3
  • 12 hours

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Subscription 4
  • 24 hours

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Any single service without a package subscription:
Adults ($65 per hour) and Children ($60 per hour)

You may pick any of the services listed above as needed during your block of hours.

Each session can be booked at 1 hour increments for adults, with the option of 1/2 hour increments for children.

Sessions can be conducted in person or using a virtual platform i.e.: Zoom according to client preference.

Hours can roll-over to next month as needed for scheduling purposes up to 1 successive month.

Some referrals may require additional fees per the partner artist terms.

All payments are final. However, you may reschedule your hours as needed with 48 hours notice.

All teachers, referrals, and facilities where classes are held are not liable for injury.

All forms of participation at any location under the training of our coaches at Bettawork69 LLC is at your own risk.